When the Evening Star gave herself to the Morning Star, she gave him a pebble as a sign of her love. He dropped the pebble into the great waters, and slowly the earth formed. When the Morning Star saw this, he reached into his sacred bundle and pulled out the ball of fire. He threw it into the sky, and it became the Sun.
When the Evening Star gave birth to a daughter, she bathed the child in the waters that the Morning Star had brought from her garden. She lay the child on the buffalo hide mat. She carried the baby in the cradle board.
When her daughter had reached a certain age, White Star Woman set the girl on a cloud. She handed her daughter some seeds from the garden and said, “When you reach the earth, plant these.” Then the Evening Star sent the cloud on its way down to the earth.
The daughter fell from the cloud like rain and landed on the earth. At first, she didn’t know where she was. But then she planted the seeds, and from them grew corn.
For a long time, the daughter of the Evening Star and the Morning Star lived alone. But after a while, a young man appeared, the child of the Sun and the Moon. The daughter of the Evening Star gave herself to the son of the Moon, and the two became man and wife. Their descendents peopled the earth with human beings. And to this day, in the evening we look up in the sky and give thanks to our grandmother, White Star Woman. In the morning we look up again and give thanks to our grandfather, Great Star Man.

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